What if the pests come back?

With proper preparation, the problem should be solved, however, if they come back, so do we!

I have housework/ clean-up to do for guests/ event and the treatment is today.

Mopping and using cleaning chemicals will increase chances of pests  coming in, but I will do my best to keep the chemicals along crevices and close to the wall so that you can mop the floor and other areas easily.

How long do I have to be out of the house/building for an insect treatment spray? 

It is advisable to not enter for a minimum of 4 hours, and if you're pregnant, breastfeeding, or have sensitivities, 24 hours is suggested.

What about my cats, dogs, birds or other animals? 

Everyone needs to vacate for at least 4 hours.

How do I prepare my home/office for insect/rodent treatment?

Preparation is crucial to having a complete treatment done. We will  email you with a full explanation of how to prepare, and feel free to ask us any questions!

I have bed bugs on my mattress, do you have to treat the whole house?

Bed bugs can spread everywhere, so it's best to treat the whole house.

Help! I saw a cockroach in the laundry room

Chances are that if you see one, there are more, especially when you  see them in daylight. The whole house would need treatment. 

What about my plants? 

If the weather lets you, put them outside, or in the bathtub.